Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If first a whisper,

I've redesigned my website: most likely you've navigated here from said website, but thought it best to post here about it, too, in case you are coming in through the virtual back door:

first snow, 2013  acrylic, tape, ink on paper  15" x 12" 

Cost of Contemporary Art

Check out Ed Winkleman's November post concerning the art market and the auction results: posted on November 21st, titled The Cost of Crazy High Contemporary Art Prices.  Its a good read with additional references that I didn't know about.  Winkleman's blog is pretty engaging from my perspective, and he obviously has a different insight into the world as the owner of a gallery.  I think his matter of fact approach to common moans and complaints from artists are great, too, so that we all (artists, collectors, gallerists, patrons, the public) can have a bit more understanding of where each of us is coming from.