Monday, September 23, 2013


Sorry for the long absence, but just a quick note to say that I am still trodding.  I plan to post some notes for an upcoming presentation at the Society for Utopian Studies conference 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina soon.  I organized a panel called "Utopia, Place, and Image" with Dawn Roe and Erik Waterkotte.  My presentation is titled "Regionalism, Commodification, and Use Aesthetics" which will be the first public presentation attempting to outline a theory that I have been developing for a little over a year related to how we find use in things in a world of total and utter abstraction.  For now, I've been working on a few of these "photographs" using scanners to image dead and drying plants.  This one is titled 'black eyed susan', and is about 12" x 16" when fully printed.

More soon!